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Electronic Arts Sport or (EA Sport as it is more commonly known as) is one of the leading manufacturers of video games with their niche being computer games based around sports. With famous computer game brands like 'FIFA' and 'NBA Live' to their name, this company has an annual turnover of over $4 Billion a year.

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If you would prefer to call EA Sports directly, here are some of the departments you may wish to contact.

Customer Services020 3318 1111
FIFA 17 contact number020 3318 1111
Origin020 3318 1111
Electronic Arts020 3318 1111
EA cancellations 020 3318 1111
EA Sports claims020 3318 1111
EA Access020 3318 1111
Battlefield020 3318 1111
The Sims020 3318 1111
Battlefront020 3318 1111
EA complaints020 3318 1111
Technical Support020 3318 1111

Unfortunately, with any large organisation, there are going to be times when some of the customers who purchased an EA Sports game are not for some reason not happy. Whether a customer found his game didn't have a disk in it, or they paid for a specific item through EA Sport online store, Origin, only for it never to arrive, customer complaints are all part of the business.


So, as a customer, if for some reason, you are not satisfied with the service that you received, what can you do? How should you go about logging a formal complaint? And how will your complaint be resolved?


When trying to launch a complaint against EA Sports, unfortunately the procedure isn't as user friendly as other companies have made their customer complaints procedure. For when trying to launch a complaint, EA Sports don't provide you straight away with a link to a EA Sports Customer Services nor any direct EA Sports Phone Number. Instead you are given numerous options, such as to e-mail their customer services, or request a call from their customer services (even though there is no indication as to how long it would take for their customer services to respond to your call).


Furthermore, whatever option you select, you are taken to a further page called Case Information (1) where you are asked to select what product of theirs you have a problem with, and/or what the actual problem is. Unfortunately, on actually doing this, you are taken either taken straight to several articles online where they try and provide some sort do-it-yourself help, else you are told to click on a button to proceed to contact them, upon which you are asked to enter your account details.


Assuming you are not a member but merely purchased their product through a reputable retailer, being told that you need to enter your EA Sports account details isn't particularly useful as there is a good chance that you might not have an account with them directly.


With regards to EA Sports ecommerce store Origin, trying to launch a complaint is also just as hard as if you were trying to do it directly with EA Sports. For instead of been directly given an EA Sports Phone Number, you instead are expected to go through several different webpages, each one clicking another button as you eliminate down out of all the possibilities why it is that you are actually trying to contact the EA Sports customer services! As someone who wants to speak to a human, it is rather irritating when instead of getting in touch with somebody you are simply offered some 'relevant article' instead.


I don't know why but EA Sports seem to be making it very hard to actually contact their customer services or complaints department. Yet a bit of browsing online has shown that they can be reached on the following number: 0203 014 1818. Yet if you actually call that number, how long you will be forced to wait is a question which is not easily answerable.


The difficulty in logging a complaint with EA Sports seems to be shared amongst many other people who have also tried to log a complaint and have ended up not satisfied with the outcome. Quite a few people on different websites have reported negative experiences when trying to resolve some issues that they have had with EA Sports, only for them having to escalate it to trading standards.


According to the online forums like Spokesman Said, (2) people have launched multiple complaints and as yet, EA Sports doesn't seem to be responding much to defend their reputation with regards to resolving the complaints.


Having said that, I am by no means saying that you will have the same issue if you try and get in touch with EA Sports; but what I will say is that it doesn't really look like it is going to be an easy-going process: especially when you consider how hard it is to get hold of the EA Sports Customer Services number. Yet what I would say is that if you have a problem with an EA Sports product or service, then do feel free to try and get in touch with the EA Sports customer services, but if you don't feel your complaint has been dealt with in a series response, then remember that you have the right to escalate it further!


(1) https://help.ea.com/en/contact-us/


(2) https://www.aspokesmansaid.com/complaint/detail/56c4bd0576f7bc11b830755c/ea-sports---the-worst-customer-service-ever--worth-a-read-

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